July 7, 2020

6 Ways to Calm Down

Life is super stressful, but here are 6 ways to calm down. Lately, I’ve been working to address and process a lot of my past traumas. As calm as I have always appeared to be, I carry many anxieties and the simplest things trigger me. I’m learning how to overcome fear and anxiety. In a world of medicines and treatments, I wanted to share a few ways to reduce stress naturally.

Calming Techniques for Stress

Here are a few ways to calm yourself down. With consistent practice, you may learn how to be calm and relaxed all the time. Sometimes you may feel like, “I forgot how to relax,” but with the addition of relaxing hobbies and ways to calm down, I think you can learn to overcome fears and anxiety.

Take a walk.

Fresh air. Change of scenery. Slightly elevating your heart rate. Getting your blood flowing. A leisurely stroll around the park or your neighborhood could be exactly what you need to clear your mind.

Exercises for Anxiety

When I first heard someone say “exercise cured my anxiety,” I was skeptical. However, exercises for anxiety can increase endorphins, dopamine, adrenaline, and endocannabinoid — all the hormones that make you feel good and pumped up. This can be a mood saver after a stressful day! Don’t worry, I’m not talking about an hour of hardcore Zumba. A few low-impact stretches for stress can have a major impact on your mood. You can even add breathing exercises for anxiety and depression. If you’re wondering when is the best time to exercise for anxiety, it’s when you’re having a sudden wave of anxiety.

Journaling for Stress

The spiritual benefits of journaling have improved my life greatly. Journaling for anxiety helps you process your emotions, work through your feelings, and express your inner thoughts. Turning your thoughts into words on a page can be therapeutic. Often, after I write, I feel like I have properly sorted through my thoughts. This helps me make healthy decisions, see myself, and put a problem to rest. Grab yourself a cute journal and pen, and write daily. If you’re wondering, “how long should I journal each day?” It doesn’t have to be a lot. Just write what’s on your heart. If you need help to get started, check out these stress relief journal prompts.

Prayer for Anxiety

Your faith is a cornerstone of your hope, morals, belief system, strength, and peace. Every day, stop to pray a few times. A short prayer for anxiety can change your entire day. Your prayers can be as short as “God, I need you” to several minutes. Your words do not have to be eloquent or perfect to human ears. You can pray under your breath, in your head, or out loud. It doesn’t matter. What matters is your heart posture. When we pray, with all faith in God, He trades our worries for strength. He trades our fears for courage. He trades our loneliness for comfort. Don’t neglect your prayer life. So whether it’s a prayer for a quiet mind or a prayer for uncertainty, adding prayers to your daily life is one of the best ways to calm down.

Listen to Music.

I have a few playlists that uplift or settle my soul. After prayer, or when I can’t pray, I’ll throw on worship music. When I feel like I can’t think, I listen to jazz. Music can move us, so surround yourself with music that moves you to a positive place. Try creating playlists for certain moods.

Cook a meal.

People don’t normally think of depression and cooking together. The benefits of cooking are abundant. When you cook you’re more likely to choose healthy foods. Healthy foods like turkey, lentils, eggs, avocados, bell peppers, chia, and chocolate can encourage your brain to produce those happy hormones we talked about earlier. Cooking also encourages your creative side and gives you a sense of satisfaction when completed.

6 Ways to relax and reduce stress

I hope these 6 things ways to relax and reduce stress help you! There are so many healthy ways to deal with trauma or stress. I pray that you put these tips to good use. Don’t forget to comment below and calm yourself down. I’d love to hear from you. Share this with your friends who may have a hard time. Love y’all!

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