January 10, 2022

7 Reasons Why I Love Headband Wigs from LUVME Hair

Johnnie May McDonald

Thinking of trying a headband wig? Let’s be honest, wigs are one of the hottest black girl essentials these days. It seems like everyone is slaying a gorgeous wig. However, if you’re like me, wigs are a foreign concept! I have been dying to get a good wig for the last year or so, but I didn’t know where to begin. Luckily LuvMe Hair reached out to me and offered to send me a 20in headband wig. This post is my honest review of the wig, so let’s get into it!

What is a Headband Wig Good for?

Headband wigs allow you to show your hairline and don’t require glue or adhesive. If you’re new to wigs for black women, like I am, this is perfect for you! You do not need to know how to pluck, dye knots, or glue the wig down. I loved that my LUVME Hair headband wig was easy on my edges, didn’t cause any tension or give me headaches after wearing it for hours. That was a major plus for me.

Headband wigs also save a ton of time! You don’t have to worry about any tedious steps or learning a new technique. Just put it on, style and go.

How to Secure Headband Wig

Most headband wigs come with combs or clips on the inside. LUVME Hair headband wigs are no different. You can simply slide the combs into a comfortable spot under your wig and it’ll stay all day.

LuvMe Hair headband wig
LuvMe Hair headband wigs come with 4 combs to help you secure the wig.

Are Headband Wigs Worth It?

Yes! Yes! and Yes! Headband wigs tend to look more natural. They protect the hair and are gentle on the person’s edges. The wearer won’t need to know to do any fancy applications, just throw it on and go! These wigs also tend to be cheaper which means you can get more bang for your buck! Headband wigs are here to stay and LuvMe Hair has some of the best.

How to Wear Headband Wig

Headband wigs are easy to wear but they are also easy to style! Here are a few tips for styling a headband wig.

LUVME Hair Headband Wig Review

I received the AFFORDABLE HEADBAND WIG BEGINNER FRIENDLY | THROW ON & GO in Natural Black in 20 inches. Below I detailed each factor that you’ll find important when considering purchasing a headband wig.

Luvme hair wig with red silk scrunchie, green pop socket, black comb and lashes
The wig came with a few goodies!

How Long will LUVME Hair Headband Wig Last?

The site says that the wig is expected to last for a year. I’m sure it can last a year with proper care. The wig is assembled well. The stitches are well dones and secure. The headband is also well secured. I’d suggest hanging your wig on a wig head at night and hand washing it when needed withgentle shampoo.

Texture and Color

I recieved a 20 inch straight wig. All of the hair comes from one donor and can be dyed. I loved the texture! The hair was soft and did not have a weird smell.

Can You Curl LUVME Hair Headbang Wig?

Yes! Not only did did the hair curl well, it held the curls for about 2 days,


22.5 inches is tthe wig’s circumference. If you have a smaller head like me, no worries, there is an adjustable velcro strap in the back.

luvme me hair headband wig adjustable strap
adjustable velcro straps


“What shedding?” is a better question because I had minimal to no shedding! Even when I brushed after hours of wear and no brushing, still no shedding.


There was no tangling. I was thoroughly surprised by this. Usually wigs get tangeled at the nape of the neck but not this wig.


Once secured with the combs that are sewn inside the wig, it stayed in place all day. The velcro strap in the back of the wig was also a great help.

LUVME Hair Headband Wig

I would definetly purchase this wig. If you’re new to wigs for black women then this headband wig is perfect for you. It’s easy to style and gentle on your hair. LuvMe Hair is producing luxury hair at affordable prices and they did not disappoint.In fact, I’m considering purchasing one of their curly headband wigs!

Johnnie May McDonald wearing headband wig
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Johnnie May McDonald wearing headband wig
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