October 23, 2021

Baby Essentials Checklist for 2021

Finding the perfect baby essentials can be such a confusing search! There are so many expert opinions floating around out there it’s hard to decide who to trust. Have no fear, this soon-to-be mom of three is no expert, but I’ve been around the block a few times. I’m here to help you cut the crap and only buy what you need! Let’s get into it!

Diaper Bag

The most popular baby essential is a baby bag. Say goodbye to those tacky brightly-colored baby bags. Those flimsy made pink or blue baby bags are a thing of the past. Brands like YUUMA are merging quality with unmatched style. When picking a baby bag, consider the durability, usability, and style. You will want a bag that matches your lifestyle. A quality diaper bag should be capable of standing up to the rough days of motherhood while also complimenting your style. YUUMA bags are my favorite because they have a well-thought-out layout and useful features. It’s little things like this that make motherhood a little easier on the hard days, so pick a bag that will last for a while.

Mom carrying Ivory baby bag from YUUMA Collection
YUUMA Collection Baby Bag in Ivory

Car Seat

Your little person won’t be big enough to sit in a car without a car seat for a few years. With that being said, consider a car seat that can grow with the baby. You can also opt for a fun car seat/ stroller/ bassinet set like the Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System.

Car Seat Cover

Don’t forget to grab a car seat cover! Fun and innovative brands like SpiltMilk have 3-in-1 car seat covers that can also be used as nursing covers and cart covers while you’re shopping. I love car seat covers from Spilt Milk because they’re breathable, machine washable, and actually functional. A good car seat cover will last for years to come, which is important when you’re a mom.

Baby Lounger

Baby loungers are comfy for the baby and convenient for the mom. Think of them as a comfy second set of arms for the baby. Your baby can lounge and relax next to you while you pump, watch tv or try to get some work done on your laptop. They’re seamless and have raised sides for safety. These are not meant for your baby to sleep in and they’re usually for babies ages 0-9 months. I purchased mine from Snuggle Me. They’re made in the USA, machine washable, available in a variety of colors, well priced, and durable.

Baby Bedding

Whether you create a lavish space for your newborn or you are low on space, your baby will need a safe space for sleeping. If you want to keep it simple consider looking into the new trend of mini-cribs. They’re basically cribs but perfect for small spaces. Some mini-cribs do have the ability to expand. You can also opt for the quintessential bassinet. Below is a list of baby bedding essentials that you need to pick up before the baby arrives.

Wet Dry Bag

If you’re a first-time mom, you may not know what a wet-dry bag is or wh you’ll need it. If you’re not a first-time mom and you still don’t know what a wet-dry bag is, you’ll be wondering where this glorious idea has been all your life. A wet-dry bag is a perfect accessory to store dirty diapers, wet bibs, or suspiciously wet clothes until you get home. It’ll always be useful because no matter how old our babies get, they’ll still be making a mess of their clothes for a while. I have one from Parker Baby Co. I love this specific one because it’s machine washable and waterproof. It also has a snap handle so you can hook it onto your stroller or baby bag.

Baby Bottles

Whether you’re breastfeeding or exclusively bottle feeding, bottles are at the top of your needed baby essentials. There’s an entire science behind baby bottles these days! I’ve always been a fan of Dr. Brown’s Anti-Colic Baby Bottles since my son was a baby. He was extremely colicky and although I breastfed him, pumping and using these bottles helped. Dr. Brown’s has tons of bottles and there’s one for every type of baby and mom.

Mom feeding baby with Dr. Brown's baby bottles

Nursing Pillow

While nursing my second child, my nursing pillow became my best friend! There’s plenty of quality brands to purchase a nursing pillow from. No matter what nursing pillow you pick, it should fit your torso and allow the baby’s head to be level with the mom’s nipple.

High Chair

You may not need a high chair until the baby is eating solid foods or able to sit up on their own, around 4-6 months. However, here are a few things to keep in mind as you begin looking for the perfect high chair. Most feedings will be hurried or chaotic so make sure you can operate the tray with one hand. It should be easy to make sure that the baby is secure and safe. So opt for high chairs that you can hear click into place. Look for a high chair that grows with the baby because you’ll probably be feeding the baby in the high chair for a while. Lastly, search for a high chair that has a foot support bar. A stable footrest will help the baby to feel confident and more stable.

Everyday Baby Essentials

There are plenty of big items that we can think of like a car seat, stroller, or bottles. However, we can’t forget everyday things that you’ll need for the baby. Below is a list of everyday baby essentials that you’ll need every day of the week.

Baby smiling

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