11 Bible Verses About Joy

We all need Bible verses about joy! There are a million reasons why we could lose our joy; traffic jams, rude strangers, a cranky spouse, financial troubles, work issues, our children, and much more! However, it is not God’s plan that we lose our joy! Here are a few of …

woman holding coffee

Self Care Ideas for Moms

This is why self-care for moms is needed. You cannot give your children your best when you are exhausted, sluggish, angry, distracted, or discombobulated. Self-care does not have to be selfish. Don’t ignore your family’s needs but do not wait until you’ve had your last straw and you throw everything down and storm out of the house and go on a three-hour Target shopping spree…. No mama, no.

6 Ways to Calm Down

Life is super stressful, but here are 6 ways to calm down. Lately, I’ve been working to address and process a lot of my past traumas. As calm as I have always appeared to be, I carry many anxieties and the simplest things trigger me. I’m learning how to overcome …