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Johnnie May McDonald
Johnnie May McDonald

I traded my hometown for a wedding ring and a more Cajun lifestyle in south Louisiana. I went to the University of Louisiana at Monroe, Go Warhawks! but after troubles with endometriosis and unplanned pregnancy, I left school and found God. Next; I found myself and then my husband. I’m a foodie and self-proclaimed home chef, but my battle with endometriosis has turned me into an organic foodie. I now live a very natural lifestyle. 

Here on my site, you will find natural home remedies and healthy recipes that even the kiddos will love. I’ve also never met a shoe sale I didn’t love or a coupon I didn’t use. So, you’ll also find tips for finding great fashion looks on a frugal budget and everyday money-saving hacks. My two most important roles in life are being a stay-at-home wife and mother.

I love helping women see we do not have to compromise our God-given roles as wives and mothers to follow the desires that God has placed in our hearts. You will find plenty on food, travel, and reaching success. Above all else, my greatest goal and passion is to love God and love people. I enjoy sharing my travel adventures, food finds, and tips for blogging & influencing success.

Think of me as your foodie bestie. I’m here to help you get to the next level.