July 8, 2020

Self Care Ideas for Moms

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Hey, y’all! I’m back and ready to talk about self-care for moms. Being a mother is the most exhilarating, beautiful… and exhausting thing you will ever do. As a mother, you probably rise first and sleep last.

The only food you ever eat in total peace is probably during naptime or on your drive home from work, and if you’re anything like me, you still feel guilty when you make time for yourself.

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Why Self- Care for Moms is Important

Lately, self-care has earned a bad rep for being all bubble baths and candles, but self-care is more than that. It is an opportunity for you to take a step back and check-in with yourself. It’s a pause button that creates space for reflection and healing. This is so very important because motherhood demands all of you! It demands that you deal with your own scars so you do not scar your child. Being a mom requires a selflessness that only Jesus himself can empower us to perform. It asks for your mental space and your physical work.

Therefore, self-care for moms is needed. You cannot give your children your best when you are exhausted, sluggish, angry, distracted, or discombobulated. Self-care does not have to be selfish. Don’t ignore your family’s needs but do not wait until you’ve had your last straw and you throw everything down and storm out of the house and go on a three-hour Target shopping spree…. No mama, no.

How to Take Care of Yourself as a Mom

Instead, schedule self-care time. This way everyone knows what to expect! Talk to your spouse and let them know that you need a little time to yourself and ask when he can help you with that by watching the kids.

Having open and honest conversations about your feelings with your spouse or a trusted friend is a great way to get rid of mom guilt. You cannot heal what you do not address, so attack it head-on by talking about it and creating an action plan.

I know that you cannot always get away from the kids for hours or spend tons of money on fancy massages, so below are ten everyday ways that you can care for yourself.

Things Moms Can Do For Themselves

Journal daily. Sorting out your feelings on paper is therapeutic. You don’t have to write a lot or talk about anything specific. The only rule is to be consistent and honest in your writings.

Create a playlist for when you need a pick-me-up. Fill it with uplifting music, relaxing jazz, worship music, or whatever lifts your spirits. When you’re feeling down, blast your music, but maybe not loud enough to bother the neighbors.

Use a diffuser & create your own relaxing mixture. People have used essential oils for centuries to relieve stress. Lavender, bergamot, orange, chamomile, lemongrass, peppermint, lemon, and many more induce relaxation. Pick your favorite or create your own mixture and use it in a diffuser.

Make bath time fancy! You have to bathe, so why not make it fancy? Add candles, bubble bath, bath bombs, essential oils, music, or any combination of these.

Cook a meal or try a new recipe. Cooking reduces stress levels and encourages creativity and patience. Cooking is a means of creative expression and can help you feel successful. You are also more likely to use fresh ingredients when you cook your own meals.

Get some exercise. It is known to lower signs of depression, anxiety, and stress. Exercise also makes you feel like you are doing something good and accomplishing a goal. If you stick with it, you will also see results. As we all know, when you look better, you feel better.

Stop, Breathe, Be Kind to Yourself

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Stop and breathe! This is such an easy but often forgotten tip. When you feel overwhelmed and consumed, step away, take a deep great count to 10, and refocus yourself. This is a versatile tip that you can carry with you always.

We can be kind to ourselves every single day. Remember to give yourself grace, love, and truth. Stop and deal with yourself, your problems, and never be afraid to keep trying. I pray that these 6 ways to be kind to yourself help you.

Please don’t forget to comment and let me know how you take care of yourself? What works for you? Share this with your friends, whether they’re a mama or not. Love y’all!

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  1. Kayla says:

    Great ideas Mama!! As a mom of 3 I like all of these ideas!! Thank you for your post! Hope you have a blessed day!!☺️

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