The Mission


I am constantly inspired by women of faith; their tenacity, integrity, and compassion. I wanted to create a space where women could come and get judgment-free help. I wanted to dive into topics that even most Christians won’t touch. That is the inspiration behind my mission; a judgement free zone that is clothed in truth and compassion.

The Name

The title “Hey There Jae” reminds me of the relaxed vibe that I have when it’s just me and my friends. I love to hang out with my girls and just chat. When I see my friends the first thing I yell is “Hey there ____”. It’s warm and welcoming, comforting, and close. This is how I want you to feel when you come here. Some of my most confronting and comforting moments happened while I was chatting with friends. This also how I want you to feel when you visit my site. Here we will chat about any and everything motherhood

The Mission

“My mission is to share the truth of God in a way that we can practically & spiritually apply to our daily lives. I believe that if we learn to live out of a place of love & truth we can experience freedom and wholeness.”