June 7, 2021

What Do I Need on My Hospital Bag Checklist?

Hospital bag checklists can stress a soon-to-be mom out! If you’re wondering what to pack in your hospital bag, don’t stress I’m here to help!

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What is a Hospital Bag?

When it’s time to go to head to the hospital, it won’t be nearly as stressful as it seems on TV. Part of creating a stress-free transition to the hospital is to have a properly prepared go-bag. Your hospital bag is a prepared collection of all the things you will need when it’s that time. Your go-bag will contain everything that you and your new baby will need during your hospital stay. If you’re wondering, “Do I need a hospital bag?” The answer is Yes! You’re about to enter the next step of your life and preparation is key.

When Should You Pack Your Hospital Bag?

Ideally you want your bag packed and ready to go around 36 to 37 weeks, just in case you go in to labor a little earlier than your due date. You’ll also want your car seat properly installed around the same time. You can leave your bag in the trunk of your car, by your front door or in another easy to reach place.

woman packing hospital bag

What to Bring for Baby

We can’t forget baby while packing your bag! You’ll need all kinds of things for a new baby such as clothes, lotion, bottles, hats, burp cloths, and more. Since you’ll be packing about a month out, don’t forget to consider the weather. Will it be winter? If so you’ll need mittens, socks, hats, and maybe a sweater. Heres’s a complete list below.

What to Bring for for Mom

This experience should be one of beauty. You’ll need things for delivery and for recovery to ensure the most beautiful experience possible. Here’s a complete list of what you’ll need.

Partner’s Hospital Bag Checklist

black pregnant woman and her husband

If you have a partner, they’ll be with you ever step of the way, this is a blessing. Although they won’t need as much as you do, they’ll still need a few things. Here’s a complete list of what your partner will need for their hospital stay.

Remember to Leave Room in Your Bag

I was very surprised by the number of things I needed to bring home. Usually, the hospital gives you a complimentary gift package with diapers and all sorts of goodies. Family and friends may also bring gifts.

Pick Wisely

Remember that you’ll only be there around two days. Pack neatly so that you can find everything and remember that you don’t have to being everything on these lists. Also consider that there will be people in and out of your room constantly, checking on you and baby. You’ll be feeding and caring for, and bonding with your baby almost constantly.

You nor your baby needs designer outfits, loads of makeup or tons of stuffed animals. Instead, plan to enjoy the moment as naturally and comfortably as possible.

Get Your FREE Ultimate Hospital Bag Checklist Printable

Need a little more help? Let me help you! Download your Free Hospital Bag Checklist and get started!

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Wishing you a safe delivery and happy trip home.

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